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Céad Mile Fáilte!
Céad Mile Fáilte! (a hundred thousand welcomes) to our web site promoting Scottish (and other Celtic) music and dance.

Scotia Dance and Music began publishing with Milton Levy's book, The Tin Woodman and Other Dances. We offer a place for beginning composers and dance devisors to submit their work for critical comment by our Advisory Committees. In cooperation with Roy Hendrie, we published a CD that contains the music for 6 of the Tin Woodman dances. Subsequently, we published The Mohonk Dances by Robert "Bob" Houghton, a book that is geared for a class of brand new dancers.

Please check our Support page for more information about creating a web site on our servers. For instance , we host web sites for the Cameron Dancers, the Cole Family, Clann An Uabhairthe Scotia Dancers, St Joseph Catholic Church and School, and the Thistle School of Scottish Country Dance.

RSCDS activities in New York are listed on a page we have maintained since 1996. There is also a page that lists the weekly classes in the New York Metropolitan Area. 

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